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The Top 7 Diet Mistakes To Avoid

Trying to lose weight is tough, calling for consistent effort, patience and a good measure of plain old willpower. What makes weight loss even more of a challenge is that there’s so much advice out there, it’s hard to know what to follow, what to ignore.

Experts insist that the foundation of successful weight loss is a healthy, calorie controlled eating plan combined with regular exercise. There’s nothing fancy… no “secret”. To lose weight you need to make permanent changes in the way you eat, the way you live and care for your body in order to succeed in getting (and keeping) the pounds off.

Here are seven common diet mistakes to avoid…

MISTAKE 1: Banishing your favorite foods. By eliminating your favorite things, you make them even more powerful, more tempting. You need to allow an indulgence once in a while, limiting your portions, taking time to really taste and enjoy what you’re eating, you can short circuit the “cheating” idea.

MISTAKE 2: Banishing whole categories of food. Your body needs some of everything, carbs, fats and protein to be balanced and healthy. Any plan that has you completely eliminate one of these groups can cause you trouble long term. Remember when fats were bad? That spawned many sugar filled, refined carbs and we all gained weight in record numbers. Balance is key.

MISTAKE 3: Expecting too much, too soon. The experts agree that healthy, lasting weight loss should be no more than a pound or two each week. If you’re expecting more than this, you’ll get discouraged at the healthy results you’re getting. When it comes to weight loss, slow but steady wins the race.

MISTAKE 4: Skipping meals. This sounds like a great way to cut out some calories, but it ends up causing you to eat more later on. Try to eat when you’re hungry, but not totally ravenous, to keep your hunger, and the portions you consume, in line.

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The Top 7 Diet Mistakes To Avoid Continued…

MISTAKE 5: Eating too few calories. It’s tempting, when going for rapid weight loss, to skimp on the calories, but this isn’t a good strategy. Diets that have too few calories, also offer too few nutrients. Keep your calories to 1,200 a day for healthy weight management.

MISTAKE 6: Eating because your diet plan says so. If the diet plan you choose has you eating every two or three hours, and you’re not hungry, you don’t have to eat. Forcing yourself isn’t a good thing. You need to learn to recognize your own internal signal of hunger and respond. If you’re hungry, eat sensibly, if you’re not, don’t.

MISTAKE 7: Expecting exercise to give you an “eat all you want” pass. Workouts and watching calories go together when it comes to weight loss, but to see a drop in pounds from exercise you need to step up the intensity a lot. It’s easy to over estimate what you burn and then eat more than you should to balance that out. Unless you worked out (hard) for an hour or more, the most you need to replenish yourself with is water.

Steer clear of these common diet blunders and you’ll be less frustrated… less likely to give up your efforts. Before long you’ll be seeing the results you’ve always wanted, feeling better than you ever dreamed.

To your good health,