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How To Get Back On Track After Overeating

Over the holidays the temptations to overeat are huge, from Halloween to New Year’s there are delicious goodies all around, in easy reach. It can get hard after a while to resist, to keep up those healthy eating habits, the daily exercise routine. The thing to keep in mind is that while overeating on some days happens to everyone, a single day’s slip isn’t going to turn you obese overnight.

It’s the decisions you make over time that will keep your weight under control.

Experts suggest that one thing you can do before heading out to a holiday event is to think about what’s behind the reasons you tend to overeat at this time of year… the emotions or memories that are at the heart of the urge to eat, eat, eat. This time of year bring up many feelings, some good, some not so good. By reflecting on what triggers you to overeat, you can take steps to keep indulging from over indulging.

Before you head out…

-Remind yourself why you’re trying to lose weight: use flashcards or anything that works to show the reasons you want to eat healthy, lose weight.

-Be flexible in your eating plans for each holiday event… sometimes you can limit the number of deserts you’ll eat, another time you might have to limit things by courses.

-Give yourself permission to have three foods you truly love, and enjoy them, guilt free.

At the event…

-Be mindful: keep yourself in the moment, the here and now. Pay attention to what you’re holding, the sights and smells around you. When you eat, take time to focus on chewing, enjoy each and every bite.

-Watch out for food pushers: well meaning family, friends or people at work who refuse to take “no” for an answer when it comes to offering something fattening.
It’s an insult to refuse. The best bet, according to experts is to keep up the “no”, polite but firm, as eventually they will get the message.

The day after overeating…

You’ve got to get back on track right away. No skipping meals to “make up” for what you ate. And don’t let yourself fall victim to the idea that one mistake means you can blow off your long-term goal of healthy eating and losing weight. That’s the thinking that get’s you nowhere.

Here’s what to do that next day…

Continues below…

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How To Get Back On Track After Overeating Continued…

- Eat breakfast: even if you wake feeling full, make yourself start the next day off with a good, healthy breakfast. Not only will this reseat your metabolism, it will also help you get back into the eating healthy mindset.

-Drink lots of water: as staying hydrated will also help you feel full the day after a binge, and keep you from feeling as tempted to continue overeating.

-Stick to your scheduled workout: even if you only manage a light workout, it’s better than no exercise at all. Getting up and moving will have you feeling so much better, and will also reinforce your commitment to those weight management goals.

-Have a salad for lunch: the water in the veggies in a typical salad will also help hydrate your body and ease that groggy, sluggish, ate too much feeling.
A healthy, balanced lunch also reinforces your decision to get back on track and eat right.

-Eat an afternoon snack: you’ll need to keep your metabolism going so you don’t “crash” and trigger another overeating binge. Try a handful of nuts and a piece of fresh fruit for something delicious and nutritious.

-Don’t eat out: if you cook dinner at home you can control what you eat and how it’s prepared. Try for broiled fish with roasted veggies with a whole grain such as quinoa or barley. This gives you nutrients without all the processing and super large portion sizes that are part of eating out.

To your good health,