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Feel More Confident In Your Skin

Feeling a bit down about how you look… experts tell us that boosting body confidence is 90% mental and has little to do with losing weight, getting a makeover or buying a store’s worth of clothes and jewelry. Here’s what they suggest…

Prepare... don’t decide on the day of a big event what clothes and accessories you’ll wear. Pulling things together at the last minute leaves you rushed and liable to forget something or encounter some other unexpected mishap. Just a bit of extra time in planning what you’ll wear, ensuring it’s clean and pressed and ready can make a huge difference in how you look, and feel.

Remember, others are insecure too. Almost always they are so busy worrying about how they look they don’t have time to think about you. They don’t see what you hate about your hair, your clothes, your mannerisms.

Fake it. Pretending isn’t just for kids, spend five minutes each morning before you leave and picture yourself looking good, imagine how those you encounter will also think you look good. Plant a message of confidence in your mind as you begin the day and in time you’ll come to believe it.

Put the phone away. Checking it every second makes you look bad… tells everyone you’re not available to pay attention to them, or anything new. What’s more, the blue light makes you face look sickly.

A lot of how you look comes from the clothes you wear. To get help with this we’ve taken the advice of wardrobe consultant Terri Ghio who runs The Style Institute, a coaching program for personal stylists. Too many of us dress like we did in high school or from a look we saw in a magazine or catalog that isn’t at all suited to us.

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Feel More Confident In Your Skin Continued…

Here’s some help…

Pull out your favorite outfit, the one you wear a lot and has you feeling like you look great. Try it on and consider why it’s right… the color, cut, fabric. Use this outfit as a guide.

Shop for your body shape… your real shape. No matter how smart and elegant something is, no matter how good it looks on a mannequin, if it’s not made to suit your body shape, it won’t look good and you won’t feel good in it.

- Find the one thing you love about your body, and work to focus attention on that.
Whether it’s a haircut to frame your face, a style that hides a spare tire, look for what flatters and stick with those styles. Invest in the best quality basics you can afford.

- Stop staring in the mirror, it’s way too easy to get obsessed about looks. So check your teeth and hair, take a quick look at the full view of your outfit and then go about your day.

- Match every negative thought about your body with at least one positive one.

Exercise, even a half hour a day, will have you feeling better about your body, how it moves and how you feel. Over time, this will bring real, visible results too.

To your good health,