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7 Simple Signs Of Health Troubles

Turns out, you don’t need tarot cards or a crystal ball to predict the future… you can do this for yourself by relying on the observations of your own five senses. You might be surprised to learn that many health problems often begin with a physical change you might not think is anything to be concerned about, something so subtle you might not notice it at first. Yet these changes can be warning signs you’ll want to heed.

One of the most surprising links between the senses and chronic disease comes in the form of hearing loss. Hearing loss is more likely in those who have diabetes. The higher than normal blood sugar may also do some damage to the blood vessels in the ears themselves. If you notice a decline in hearing, have a full hearing evaluation, as well as a physical and blood work, to see where you stand.

Vision changes can be an early signal of cognitive decline. The veins in your eyes are very much the same as the ones in your brain, so larger veins in your eyes could indicate a decline in the health of your brain years before any signs appear. Your eye doctor will be able to examine you for this.

If your sense of smell is slipping, this has been shown to be a potential early sign of Alzheimer’s disease according to the latest studies in the area. The changes that come in smell may appear much sooner than those that happen I the rest of the brain. If you’ve noticed a decline earlier than age 70, talk with your doctor.

Bad breath is a well-known (and despised) sign of gum disease, but this unfortunate problem can also be linked to erectile
Brush and floss daily and make sure you have regular dental exams and cleanings every year. If it persist despite your good dental care, talk with your doctor to look for other causes.

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Your own reflection can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside your body. Those who look older than their age, with 3 to 4 visible signs of aging, have a higher chance of heart issues later on according to research. If you’re concerned by looking older, ask your doctor to check for any other heart disease risk factions and remember that you can change your risk by the choices you make going forward.

Your hairline can give clues to thyroid issues, and while thyroid issues affect many hormones in the body, one of the most visible is the hormone that is linked to hair growth. You might see your hair getting dry or coarse before it begins to fall out, you might also notice thinning of your eyebrows. Talk with your doctor about your concerns and have blood work done to check for thyroid hormones.

Smooth, spot free fingernails are a sign of good health. If yours have redness underneath this could be an early sign of lupus. You may also notice swelling and puffiness at the base of your nails or a rash on the backs of your hands and fingers.

If you have concerns about these, or any symptoms you are experiencing, talk to your own doctor. An honest discussion and careful evaluation by a trained professional will reassure you, and perhaps set you on the path to better health by making healthy choices about what you eat, and how active you are. Early intervention is also incredibly beneficial, often keeping you healthier, longer than you might be otherwise.

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