Never Get Sick With These Top Ten Secrets

It’s the season of sickness, but you don’t have to be down and out with an illness this time of year if you follow some very smart, simple suggestions from the popular book, The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick. These are all easy things to do, and the payoff in feeling well is so worth it.

1. Stay active at work: We know that sitting for long periods can be bad for your health, even if you exercise. A 2009 report showed that the more time you spend seated, the higher the death risk. Take breaks every 45 minutes to stand up, stretch and walk to help your circulation.

2. A shot of cold water: Ending your daily shower with a splash of ice cold water might also help your health. Studies have found that a shot of cold water can improve circulation, strengthen skin, improve immunity and mood. A recent study of swimmers in Berlin showed that the exposure to icy water upped levels of glutathione a natural illness fighting antioxidant.

3. Hang onto friendships: Those who have a strong social support system also have the most robust immune systems and are less apt to deal with inflammatory diseases. A recent Swedish project found that having few (or no) close friends ups the risk of a first time heart attack by 50%. Keep up with friends with face-to-face meetings as opposed to email or Facebook, it’s more beneficial and more fun.

4. Try some garlic: Garlic has proven itself a worthy fighter against high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as staph and other bacterial infections. Experts from the University of Western Australia found that people who regularly ate garlic cut the number of sick days they needed in half. You want raw or cooked, no supplements.

5. Nap more: The more naps you get, the higher the number and effectiveness of your immune cells. A lack of sleep has been shown to up heart attack causing calcium buildup in the arteries of the heart while also restricting the production of human growth hormone, limiting the body’s ability to fix itself. Nap when you can, ideally between 1:00 and 3:00 pm when the body may be most in need of rest.

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Never Get Sick With These Top Ten Secrets Continued…

6. Enjoy a spirit (or two): Drinking in moderation ups longevity and lowers the risk of heart disease from 14% to as much as 25% according to a study in the British Medical Journal. Moderate drinkers have fewer hospitalizations, fewer disabilities than the general public. Stick to one, no more than two drinks per day.

7. Try yoga: Those who do this exercise say that yoga’s body/breath/mind program of exercises help to balance and strengthen the immune system so that it can more effectively destroy microbes that cause sickness. Yoga can also reverse some risks for heart disease. You can take classes or try a yoga DVD on your own.

8. Cut those calories: Eating less can do more than help you drop a few pounds; it has positive effects on your health. Eating 25% less than you normally would has been shown to bring down total cholesterol numbers, triglyceride and blood pressure. Be sure that what you eat is nutritionally valuable.

9. De-stress: Too much stress can make you more vulnerable to illness. Research has found that a high stress level can cause a wealth of problems including backaches, constipation, diarrhea, depression, bloating, cramping, changes in appetite, listlessness, irritability, rashes, hives, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and high blood pressure. That’s quite a list. However, workouts three times a week, as well as enjoying time with friends or a bit of aromatherapy are tremendously helpful in terms of managing stress.

10. Eat more yogurt: The good bacteria in yogurt have a beneficial impact on many gastrointestinal issues. They’ve also been found to do many other good things, lower blood pressure, decrease your cholesterol and strengthen your immune system. Eat a carton each day for the best benefit.

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