Longevity – 18 Unusual Secrets, Part 1

It’s not just about living longer, you want to live better. Today many people in the world are living more years, more comfortably and in better health than anyone ever thought possible. Researchers are uncovering many things that you can do, right now, to help add to the number of years you have here on Earth.

In fact, there were so many intriguing, research-backed suggestions they simply would not fit in our typical format. Here are the first 9 tips anyone can do to live longer…

1. Protect your DNA: As we get older, the ends of chromosomes (telomeres) get shorter and this appears to be what makes us more vulnerable to disease. A pilot study found that lifestyle changes boosted levels of an enzyme that lengthens telomeres. Other research is showing that diet and exercise can protect telomeres. Fascinating that healthy habits may actually be able to help manage aging at the cellular level.

2. Be conscientious: A study from 80 years ago finds that one of the best predictors of longevity is a conscientious personality type. These people make choices that bring stronger relationships and better work life, while also offering a health benefit.

3. Have good friends: Science is showing that friends are more than good companions, they can also help you live longer. An Australian study found the elderly people who were very social were less likely to die over ten years compared to those with the fewest close friends. An analysis of 148 studies also supports the association between abundant social connections and living longer.

4. Choose friends wisely: The habits (good and bad) your companions have are very likely to rub off on you. Studies have found that obesity is socially contagious; your chances go up 57% if you have a friend who’s obese. Smoking, drinking to excess and drug habits are also spurred by those you spend lots of time with – so choose with care.

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Longevity – 18 Unusual Secrets, Part 1 Continued…

5. Stop smoking cigarettes: By now you’ve heard it’s a good idea, but how beneficial might surprise you. Based on the findings of a 50 year British study, quitting at 30 years old could up your lifespan by nearly 10 years, at 40 years you get an added 9 years, by 50 the number drops sharply to just 6 years, and quitting at 60 adds an estimated 3 years to your life expectancy.

6. Nap: It’s true that a siesta is standard practice in many parts of the world, and there’s evidence to back the idea that napping might help you live longer. A recent study that included 24,000 suggests that regular nappers were 37% less likely to die from heart disease than the occasional napper might be. Perhaps the nap helps your heart by keeping levels of stress hormones in check.

7. Follow a Mediterranean diet: You knew it was coming, advice on how to eat. An analysis of 50 studies, including over half a million subjects, shows the impressive benefits of eating this way. The diet is known to include plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, olive oil and fish and appears to significantly lower the risk of potentially dangerous metabolic syndrome.

8. Eat Okinawan: Once this area had the longest life expectance in the world, which researchers attribute to the natural diet of the area – high in green/yellow veggies and low in calories. Some Okinawans only eat 80% of the food on their plates, though as these traditions have faded away, life expectancy in the area has dropped.

9. Get married: More than one study has found that married people tend to outlive their single counterparts, and experts think this is a result of the social and economic support that comes with being married. Those who are divorced/widowed still have lower death rates than those who’ve never taken the leap.

More secrets to living longer to come in part two.

To your good health,