This Helps Against Heart Trouble

A new Canadian study appearing in the journal Circulation supports a common sense notion. Those who have heart disease and eat a heart healthy diet can cut their odds of suffering either a heart attack or devastating stroke. These benefits are in addition to the ones a patient gets from taking meds like statins, blood pressure pills and even aspirin.

To conduct the work, an international team of researchers led by Mahshid Dehghan who is a nutritionist at the Population Health Research Institute of McMaster University in Ontario, gathered information on over 31,000 adult subjects who already had heart disease. They came from nations in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East – so a rather representative sample.

Participants were questioned about what they ate, and how much milk, veggies, fruits, fish, grains, meat and poultry they ate in the last year. The subjects also supplied details about their drinking and smoking status, and how often they exercised. During the five years of follow up, over 5,000 had either a heart attack or stroke.

Based on calculations, the team saw that those who ate a heart healthy diet cut their risk of death from heart disease by an amazing 35%. What’s more, they also cut their risk of another heart attack by 14%, being diagnosed with heart failure by 28% and suffering a stroke by 19%. All impressive numbers. The key to the heart healthy diet, even though the nations studied varied, was lots of fruits, vegetables and fish, with few red meats.

People often think that medications will cure the issues you have, and this supplies a false sense of security points out Samantha Heller the clinical nutrition coordinator for the Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital who wasn’t part of the research. She finds that often primary care doctors don’t emphasize the role that’s played by a healthy lifestyle. This makes it easier for patients to ignore advice on making changes to diet or getting more exercise.

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This Helps Against Heart Trouble Continued…

The researchers suggest that doctors advise high-risk patients to look to their diet and eat more of the heart healthy options and less of the things we know to be bad for you. Such a change could substantially cut down on the recurrence of heart events beyond what medication can do on its own.

The research findings tie in with national and international guidelines for those who have cardiovascular disease. Adopt healthy eating habits and make other lifestyle changes that along with taking heart medications approved by your doctor, as this can help you stay healthier… avoid another heart attack or stroke.

What people need to understand is that what you put into your body in terms of foods has a huge impact on health, especially when it comes to the cardiovascular system. Taking meds won’t be of much help if you’re eating a lot of saturated or trans fats, junk food, red and processed meats, refined and processed foods, sweets and fast food. These foods cause all kinds of troubles in the body, increasing inflammation, being a part of the deregulation of sugar and insulin and exacerbating disease of the cardiovascular system. Food needs to be thought of as medicine, so that healthy eating becomes just as much a part of our treatment as the drugs we take or the exercises we do.

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