Resveratrol Benefits Could Increase Metabolism Rate

Enjoying a drink of rich red wine this season to increase metabolism rate? Sounds like strange advice to be sure, but if the findings of a small Dutch research project involving obese men are reproduced, the resveratrol benefits found in the delicious, red beverage might actually become a part of a healthy diet.

This latest study finds a benefit to metabolism, the equal of a calorie-restricted diet, from a natural compound in red wine known as resveratrol.

According to lead researcher Patrick Schrauwen from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, this recent research is the first time resveratrol has been shown to work in people, and this opens the door for more work to see if it might help those with type 2 diabetes.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that’s found largely in grape skin, and therefore red wine. Brought to popular attention in the 1990s as a possible explanation for the “French Paradox” – the low incidence of heart disease among the French who are known to eat a pretty high fat diet, the substance has received a lot of attention while spawning a host of questionably effective products.

The researchers gave resveratrol to 11 healthy, though obese, men at a dose of 150 milligrams for 30 days. To get this much resveratrol in non-supplement form, the researchers say you’d have to drink more than two gallons of red wine a day, certainly something that is not recommended.

The supplements acted like a low cal diet, bringing good things like a lower metabolic rate, less fat in the liver, lower blood pressure and blood sugar as well as changes in the way the muscles burned fat.

When it comes to obesity, no one is sure if burning fewer calories is good or bad according to Schrauwen, but the research suggests that the supplements left cells functioning better, just as they do on a restricted calorie diet. What’s more, there were no serious side effects in the subjects taking the supplements. That’s certainly a good thing.

Studies in animals have found that resveratrol does reduce insulin resistance and offers some protection against the ill effects of a high fat diet. This is just what happens when you cut the number of calories you consume, something experts have come to recognize will delay the onset of diseases related to aging, perhaps extend lifespan.

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This Natural Compound Might Help Boost Metabolism… Continued…

When it comes to resveratrol supplements, keep in mind that many are selling products that are loaded with fillers and low amounts of the beneficial compound. Reviews are a good source of information about supplements, as are doctor recommendations so do your homework if you’re interested in taking them.

Remember eating healthy is a balancing act. It’s important to understand that too much of the wrong things are just as troublesome as too little of the right kinds of nutrients. Eating a variety of healthy foods is always best, and that as important as what you take in, regular exercise is a recognized part of staying healthy and strong through the years.

Though resveratrol is readily available, more research is needed to see if it can fulfill the hopes experts have for it to increase metabolism rate. Researchers still don’t know what the long-term effects of this type of supplementation will be… the effects might wear off over time. All of us need to proceed with care.

The work on Resveratrol Benefits appears in the journal Cell Metabolism.