The Best Position For Sleeping

Interesting finding… the way you like to sleep at night could be contributing to your back and neck pain, stomach problems and even early wrinkles. As if you don’t already have enough to keep you from falling off to sleep, someone has come up with the worst and the best position for sleeping for your body.

Since we’ve got your attention, here they are…

BEST: Sleeping on your back is great for preventing pain in your neck or back, allowing you to rest in a way where it’s easy for your head, neck and spine to hold a neutral position. It also helps to reduce burning acid reflux, minimizes wrinkles (nothing is pushing against your face) and keeps your breasts perky because their weight is fully supported.

One puffy pillow is all you’ll need – big enough to support your head and neck but not so large it props your head up too high. The only downside to sleeping on your back is that snoring tends to be more frequent and severe.

NEXT BEST: Slide Sleeping also helps prevent pain in both neck and back as well as easing acid reflux, less chance of snoring, and one of the few comfortable sleeping positions during late pregnancy. This position isn’t so good for your skin or breasts. It can bring on wrinkles because of all that smushing on one side of the face. This pose does no favor for your breasts, contributing to sag because they hang down which stretches the ligaments.

Pregnant women will want to sleep on the left side, known to be ideal for blood flow. If you sleep this way go for a thick pillow that fills the space above your shoulder so that your head and neck are supported.

NOT SO GOOD: Fetal position is fine for infants, helps with snoring, and sleeping during your pregnancy, but it’s no good for preventing back and neck pain, minimizing wrinkles or keeping your chest in top form. When you sleep with your knees pulled up high and chin tucked to your chest, you’ll likely feel it when you wake up, especially if you’re already dealing with an achy back or other joints. Premature wrinkles of the face and breast sag are also likely if this is your usual sleeping pose. All you need to do is straighten out a bit, not tuck yourself into such an extreme curl, and you’ll do far better. Fetal position sleepers need a plump pillow; just like the side sleepers do, so that your head and neck are properly supported as you sleep.

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Is Your Sleeping Position Doing Harm..? Continued…

THE WORST: On your stomach is ideal for those who snore, but this pose makes it hard to keep a neutral position for your spin, as well as putting pressure on muscles and joints, and this can irritate nerves, leading to pain, numbness and tingling. Consider this… how sore would your neck would be if you kept it turned to one side for just 15 minutes during your day? Now imagine doing that all night, every night. You might not feel it that next morning, but over time you’ll start to ache.

Facedown is good for anyone who snores, and if you don’t have back or neck problems, it is probably fine for you. Choose a pillow that’s on the thin side, or use none at all.

Experts continue to learn about the value of sleep, not only for helping us feel better, but as a central part of a healthy lifestyle. Experiementing with the best position for sleeping for you enabling you to get the right amount of rest can help your heart, your weight loss efforts, your mind and so much more.