Quick weight loss diet plan tips

Are you looking for a quick weight loss diet plan ? Are you yearning to get rid of that extra weight quickly? Going on a fad diet might not be the answer for you. You must have a safe and effective diet plan that you can follow religiously day to day is what you should be looking for.

Losing weight should not be a periodic thing. It should be done on a regular basis in order to be effective. People make the mistake of following a popular diet and then stop it once they see the results and go back to their old ways. Not a good idea. A successful weight loss diet or regimen is something that you can follow on a regular basis and maintain for life. Maintaining an ideal weight is more ideal than putting up weight and then try to lose it on a certain fad diet. A good diet plan should become a lifestyle if you wish to gain the most benefits from it.

How fast you can lose weight would depend on how motivated and disciplined you are. If you are new to the game, you must realize that losing weight takes hard work. There’s no short cut good enough that will help you get rid of that extra baggage permanently. Make sure that you prepare yourself for the challenge ahead and see yourself get through the finish line with what you are about to do. Here are some useful tips that may be able to help you out.

1. Set realistic goals for losing weight.
A goal is a task that you aim to do. Making it easier would allow you better chances of success. The same is true with losing weight. It is a goal that you should see yourself successful in doing. Making it more realistic in terms of the effort that you are willing to spend will be able to give you the confidence that you will be able to meet your goals in time. Don’t be too ambitious when trying to lose weight. Try taking small steps, in this case, getting rid of the excess pounds little by little. Getting rid of four to five pounds at a time may be more easier as well as more achievable when compared of losing 20 pounds in just one go.

2. Try to reward yourself if you are able to finish a specific goal. No matter how small or simple that weight loss goal may be, give yourself a pat in the back every time you achieve each one. Whether it is sticking to eating five smaller weight-reducing meals in a day or losing five pounds in two weeks give yourself a reward by buying a new watch, getting a new outfit, buying that new gadget that you have been wanting for so long, or just plain going out on a movie may be a just enough reward to give you the confidence to continue on.

3. Have a support group to help you urge on in your endeavor. Following a quick weight loss diet plan may not be that easy to do, much more so if you are alone in doing it. You might be better off if you have someone who can do it with you. Find a partner who might also want to get rid of that extra weight. It could be a friend, a co-worker or an online diet buddy, just as long as it is someone who is wiling to follow the weight loss program with you. You can also try to join in a fitness group or become a member of a health club to be in the presence of others who are trying to do the same things that you do. This way, you would become more confident and more motivated, knowing that you are not alone in fighting the battle.

Fitness Weight loss – How to lose the flab

When you can barely catch your breath shooting hoops with your buddies, or when your waistline limits your wardrobe selection, you know it’s time to loose weight. You need a fitness weight loss plan. If only everyone, you mumble, had world enough and time.

But you already are engaging in a workout when you sprint after that bus, run down the hall to that fax machine, and jog with you kids on the park. Add to this a realistic schedule and some workable expectations and you are on your way to losing weight.

You won’t even have to spend for weight loss drugs and supplements, and neither will you have to worry about their side effects. But you can’t just start running on a whim, suddenly stop, and expect your weight to drop dramatically. You have to put in the minutes per day of the week, and consistently at that.

Ready? Of course you need a good pair of shoes, one that fits snugly to prevent discomfort and unnecessary misstepping. A watch to time your sessions (most cellular phones have stopwatch features). A running route and schedule (three to four days a week) to adhere to, because you can’t just keep running until you suffer muscle strain. Recovering from that eats up time and keeps you from the goal of losing weight. Also, a route may condition your mind to a routine, into a habit.

You are advised to see your doctor before you engage in running. This becomes crucial if you smoke or are overweight. A stress test administered by a physician may inform you of your physical limits, and consequently, you may use that information to set a ceiling on your physical activities, including running.

Ok, you do this in increments of eight weeks. On your first week, allot twenty minutes on two different days. Set your watch to twenty minutes and start walking for around five minutes. Start with a slow jog and run as far as you can. Slow down to a walk when you feel that you need to, and run again after recovering. When the twenty minute timer you have set goes off, you are done. Walk to normalize your breathing.

On your second week, do the same routine. Set the timer to twenty minutes, walk for five, and run as far as you can, but try to make it longer this time compared to last week. Slow down to a walk when the timer ends the session. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t run as far as you want to.

Third week tweaks. Adjust the timer to thirty minutes this time, also on two different days. Five minute walk, thirty minute run, but don’t strain to hard. Stay within the thirty minute mark; don’t push yourself to keep running after the timer ends. Walk to normalize your breathing.

Week four and doing good. Stay within the thirty minute mark, no pressure. Just do what you did in week three. Don’t overdo it.

Fifth week and holding on. Twenty minutes but this time on three different days. Run as far as you can, knowing that your running time is shorter compared to the previous week, only the number of sessions have been increased.

Week six and almost there. Now aim for thirty minutes on three different days. Same routine: five minutes walk and then break into a run; stop when the time says so. Week seven is a repeat of week six. On your eighth week, aim for thirty minutes on four different days.

There you go. After your body has accustomed to the running, you can run for however long you choose any day of the week. This fitness weight loss program is not too hard to adhere to, and with the adrenalin rush, increased endurance, and toned muscles, you’ll be fit and begin shedding off weight as early as two months.

The Price Of Quick Weight Loss

The lure of quick weight loss is hard to resist. The path to fitness and health is littered with many temptations and challenges that make the idea of quick weight loss seem like the Holy Grail itself. However, quick weight loss is not as easy or as good as it sounds. Before embarking on any quick weight loss diet, it is better to arm yourself with a better understanding of how and why quick weight loss plans work and what are the unseen effects of this strategy.

Quick weight loss is usually achieved with the help of slimming pills or certain types of diets. Quick weight loss usually pertains to shedding pounds off at least equal to the number of days one goes on the diet. For instance, one classic quick weight loss strategy is the Cabbage Soup diet. This diet follows a 7 day plan of taking unlimited amounts of cabbage soup and there is a set of food items allowed to be taken along with the cabbage soup per day.

At the end of this 7 day Cabbage Soup diet, an individual may lose anywhere from 7 to 10 lbs. Now, that’s quick weight loss. This type of quick weight loss diet works because taking nothing but soup made of cabbage plus a little bit of some other food types allowed by the diet will allow you to greatly reduce your daily calorie intake. The drastic reduction in calories results in drastic weight drop. However, don’t uncork the champagne and celebrate just yet.

This type of quick weight loss diet is not suitable for long term use. This means that if you have more than 7 to 10 lbs of weight to lose to achieve your target, this may not be the wisest and even easiest method to achieve your goal. For starters, this is most definitely not a long term fitness plan because there is nothing fit or healthy about it. The reduction in calories results in lower energy levels and people who are active or exercise will not be able to last on this type of diet.

Furthermore, the absence of balanced nutrients from a varied and healthy diet will result in poorer health after using this diet for more than a week. Most of all, the monotony of taking just cabbage soup day in and day out may drive one to suddenly break the diet.

Once the diet is stopped, the weight that was lost will begin coming back on again and in most cases, an individual will gain more weight than was lost with the quick weight loss diet to begin with. This is because the weight lost quickly includes loss of muscle tissues. Muscle tissues weigh more than fat tissues so when you begin to lose this, your weight drops dramatically. While it may be a joy to look at the scale when this happens, every loss of muscle tissue means a loss in the efficacy of your body’s metabolism.

Rather than quick weight loss, you should be more concerned with a long term health and fitness plan.

Lose Weight Fast Diets

For every rapid weight loss diet, there will be critics and staunch supporters at the same time. Critics will say that lose weight fast diets are unhealthy and unsafe, but that’s not entirely true. The truth is, there are some lose weight fast diets that may have an adverse effect on the body with prolonged long term use. However, most lose weight fast diets are safe and effective in the short term.

The Atkins diet

This has turned out to be a fad diet as people begun to reassess the health implications of this particular weight loss diet plan. To put it simply, the Atkin’s diet is a low carbohydrate, high fat and protein diet. In the first 14 days of the diet, the individual is prohibited from consuming any type of food or drink that contains sugar and carbohydrates. Coffee and alcohol as well should not be taken during this first phase. What can be eaten and drank however is as much fat and protein rich foods as you want like bacon, steaks, eggs and the like.

This no sugar and no carbohydrate part of the diet should be adhered to strictly and with that accomplished, one can lose 10 to 14 pounds in 14 days.

The rest of the diet consists of slowly reintegrating the right types of carbohydrates into meals. This means that this diet was meant to be a long term path to weight loss and eventually health management. However, the unfettered intake of high fat foods without considering its adverse effect on cardiovascular functions and over all health is inadvisable. If however you want to lose weight quickly and eating fatty foods is something that appeals to you, do follow the first phase of the diet. If you are a healthy individual, following the first phase of the diet for 14 days shouldn’t have any long lasting ill effects if followed by a healthier lifestyle after losing the needed pounds.

The Southbeach Diet

Riding on Dr. Atkins popular and immensely successful low carbohydrate diet, the Southbeach diet was born. The Southbeach diet is a much healthier version of its predecessor in the sense that it stresses on eating more vegetables while avoiding high fat foods.

The first phase of this diet is exactly like that of Atkins except that here you are allowed to drink sugar free caffeinated drinks. It is however more complicated than the Atkins diet in the sense that the Southbeach diet will require you to weigh or watch portions of the food you eat.

Just like the Atkins diet, this plan has 3 phases where in the last phase can be used as a lifetime plan of weight management. No real study or data exists to refute the safety of using this diet for the long term.

The Hamptons Diet

Another offshoot of the earlier mentioned diets, the Hamptons diet is yet another low carbohydrate and high protein diet. This particular diet differs from the first two because it does not have an induction phase.

If you are looking for lose weight fast diets, try out any of the suggestions above. Remember to choose one depending on its personal feasibility as well as the present state of your health.

Can drinking water help you lose weight ?

While many don’t really know why drinking water is important, everyone knows that the human body needs at least 8 glasses of water a day for improved and maintained good health. But, can drinking water help you lose weight? The answer to this question lies in the understanding of how water really benefits the body.

We live in a water world where the area of bodies of water is much greater than the area of land mass. Everyone knows that water makes up 70% the human body. With this all this water, why do we need to even drink so much of it and can drinking water help you lose weight? Well, for starters, to be able to function at peak efficiency, the body needs water. This is why our bodies are 70%water. Water is essential to all our body functions in active and passive roles.

Many of the body’s important organs are made of mostly water and even the viscosity of liquids in the body is regulated by water. For instance, our muscle tissues normally contain a lot of water and when there is short supply of water in the body, our muscles lose the ability to function at its best. Also, one of the important liquids in our body is blood. It is our blood that travels the length of our body and supplies important nutrients and substances to the different cells. The amount of water in the blood determines its viscosity somewhat.

Ok, that only scratches the surface on how important water is to the body. Drinking enough amounts of water will improve health, help reduce stored fat in the body and will help keep fat from being stored in the future.

Drinking water can help on lose weight in several ways. One reason drinking more than the recommended water allowance in a day can help people lose weight is because the steady addition of increased water intake will naturally take the place of some calories that one would have consumed otherwise. It is however more than just reducing calories. It is about reducing needless calories that only get turned into stored fat. For instance, substituting calorific drinks like sodas and processed juices with water will help rid one of the useless calories from these liquids.

If that was all water can do then it will not really make a sustained impact on weight loss. Fortunately, the real reason drinking enough water a day is the easiest way to lose weight is because water helps speed up the oxidation of fat. It flushes out the toxins that go along with stored fat and this allows the quicker and easier burning of these fat tissues for energy.

If you continue to have doubts and still ask, “Can drinking water help you lose weight?” just give it a try and see the amazing results for yourself. Start increasing you water intake today and flush that fat away.

Losing Weight Tip of The Day

Being reed-thin seems to the trend these days. What with the crop of young celebrities all gracing the red carpet and supermodels strutting their stuff on the catwalk, who would not be encouraged to also ? But losing weight is something that needs to be planned and approached like a military operation to be successful. You also have to make sure that what you are doing is safe for your health. Below ia a losing Weight Tip otr two to help with the battle.

Do not skip meals.

Dieting is not synonymous to starving. In fact the proper way of dieting involves more frequent meals but lesser in amounts. This however is not a well-known fact. Most people, especiallu teenagers think that when they diet, they lessen their food consumption to the point of skipping their meals. This can however backfire because when people skip meals, their bodies adjust to the new routine and will store the food as fats thinking that it is the last meal for them.

Skipping meals and then binging afterward because you are so hungry is also not the proper way to diet. Doing this will create havoc to your digestive system, resulting in ulcer, acid reflux and a host of digestive problems. What is more, binging can also slow down the metabolism of the body, thereby resulting in bloating.

Do not go for quick fixes

Many people are attracted to quick medical fixes that make the fats disappear in an instant. Although most doctors are qualified to do the operations, it is still not a hundred percent safe procedure. When going under the knife, you are risking a lot and even with the most sophisticated technology in place, a lot of things can happen. You’ll never really know.

Another downside to quick fixes is the fact that it easily comes back. Unlike with weight lost through exercise, fats that are liposuctioned or lasered are easily gained back, not because these are artificial but because the person has never learned the discipline to maintain the weight.

This is why, it is recommended by doctors for people to go for the natural way of burning fats, through exercise and proper diet. You should drink lots of water too to get rid of the toxins.

Do not over-exercise

Some dieters make the mistake of exercising too much until they tax their muscles too much. Doing this can result to hamstrings, over fatigue and sometimes even a heart problem. Others even exercise without eating properly. This is trauma to your body. Remember your aim is to shed off the pounds and not to kill yourself.

Maintain the weight

Another danger of dieting is the see-saw in weight. Some people will starve themselves and exercise regularly and then stop all of a sudden, engaging in binges. See-saws in weight is not good for the heart as this can interrupt tits functions. Remember that the heart pumps for blood, that are circulated throughout the body. When weight see-saws, the heart’s pumping will not be stable, creating more pressure and stress for the heart.

So there, hopefully these losing weight tip will be of use.

5 Tips for fast and easy weight loss

With a lot of delicious dishes to choose from, shedding off those unwanted pounds could be real hard. Imagine not being able to eat your favorite sweets or a scoop of ice cream? It can be a nightmare but weight loss need not be something that you have to sacrifice food for. There are fast easy weight loss methods to help you lose weight. Here are some of them.

Eating little but often

You don’t really have to skip your meals in order to lose those pounds. Nutritionists suggest a better alternative for losing weight through dieting. A person can actually eat little amounts but spread over larger period. This minimizes binges, which affect the way food is digested. Too much consumption of food can slow down the digestive system. Undigested food can lead to bloating, which enlargens the frame. By eating only small amounts, this ensures complete digestion and better adsorption.


Even if you are not aiming for weight loss, you still need to exercise. This does not only builds the muscles but also improves the general condition of the various systems in the body including the digestive system. Of course, it also does not hurt that proper and regular exercise can burn the fats and the calories and keep your body fit. In fact, for people who are aiming for weight loss in specific areas of the body, exercise is good as it can burn unwanted fats in some areas.

Doing household work

Staying in front of the TV after a day’s work may be a treat for most people especially those who have probably had a really harrowing and tiring day but keep this to a minimum. One secret of people who stay fit and perfect is the fact that they are not afraid to do the dirty work at home. They clean the house, cook and do the laundry. Even the simplest household chore of watering the plants or walking the dog can burn off calories.

Laying off the junk

Munching on potato chips and candies may be the ultimate snack for you but your body has a different opinion. Junk foods do not only give little nutrients to the body, they also pack the most calories and fats. If you really want to lose the weight, minimize or if you can completely stay away from junk foods.

Avoid oils and fats in foods.

The same goes with oily and fatty foods. This is especially true with people who need to lower their cholesterol levels. Avoid eating meat, as this contains fats. As much as you can consume veggies and fruits. Its antioxidant properties can help keep you healthy and weight perfect. You can also lessen the consumption of fried foods.

These are just some of the tips that you can do to help you lose those unwanted pounds. Remember that weight loss is not easy; but it is not also hard. Fast easy weight lose can be achieved if the right methods are used and the right commitment is applied.

The Low Fat Low Cholesterol Diet

If you are overweight, you are at risk from developing certain health problems especially heart disease. Getting rid of excess pounds entails a change in lifestyle and this usually means an improvement to eating habits and physical activities. What better way to ensure the improvement of your health is to go on a low fat low cholesterol diet.

Going on a low fat, low cholesterol diet is like hitting two birds with one stone. With this type of diet you will achieve better health while shedding off the pounds. However, some individuals do tend to shy away from a low fat, low cholesterol diet. This is because they are under the impression that low fat, low cholesterol diet means bland and unsatisfying. On the contrary, a low fat, low cholesterol diet can be as boring or as exciting as you want it to be. All you need to do is be aware of what types of foods to avoid and just be on the look out for yummy alternatives.

If you need ideas on how to go about a low fat, low cholesterol diet, you can actually take Mediterranean cuisine as an example. They use herbs and spices for rich flavor on their dishes that include grilled, lean meat and this diet encourages the addition of several servings of vegetables including the green leafy kinds. Another idea is to get inspiration from Thai cuisine. Most Thai dishes are fresh and tasty without cholesterol and fat laden ingredients. Be sure to check out the ingredients and the food preparation to stay true to your low fat, low cholesterol diet.

Animal products like meats and dairy are usually high in fat and cholesterol. This does not mean that you can no longer have them when you go on a low fat, low cholesterol diet. What you need to do is find a healthier alternative.

For instance, burgers are made from processed meat and are deep fried. This makes it high in cholesterol and high in bad fats that are nothing but bad news. Avoid fast food at all costs. If you want a burger, there is no reason why you can’t have some lean meat grilled and seasoned with herbs and spices. Slather a bit of light sour cream and add some greens on a whole wheat bun and you end up with a healthier and much tastier substitute for fast food burgers. How’s that for a low fat, low cholesterol diet?

Visit reputable health stores and check out what options they have to enhance your low fat, low cholesterol diet. More importantly, learn and understand as much as you can about fat and cholesterol—about how to distinguish which foods contain bad fat and cholesterol and which contain the opposite.

Also, when buying food in the supermarket, be sure to read the labels closely. Some products are labeled as no cholesterol options but some are very high in saturated fat that produces cholesterol in your body. Keep yourself informed and in the know and going on a low fat low cholesterol diet will be rewardingly healthy and gastronomic at the same time. 

Weight loss free resources – How the Internet Can Help You Lose Weight

Of course, just sitting around the Internet the whole day won’t make you shed off those excessive pounds. But the Internet actually has weight loss free online resources for those who wanted to lose weight. All it takes is steely determination and patience to find the right websites which will augment your weight loss option. Inevitably, you will have to act on those plans after those website resources boost you to keep at your goal in losing weight. But it won’t be painful to get some advice before you do so. 

Most people believe that the Internet provides weight loss resources only in the form of recipes and articles. While it’s true that the world wide web is filled with how-to articles in losing weight, there are also more specific forms of help that you can find. Websites such as Sparkpeople.com and Fitday.com are some of the prime examples of ultra-helpful websites for those who wanted to lose weight.

After all, it’s not just food intake which affects your weight. It is rather a manifestation of a lifestyle which is shaped by various factors. Before one goes about the physical work, the mind must be convinced that the activity is worthwhile and valuable. The Internet resources on weight loss can really help alter one’s mindset by means of the knowledge and available options it can provide its willing reader.  

All laborious and conscious action is generally preceded with a plan. Online resources can play a very vital role in your planning process. A good weight loss plan can be aided by different websites which will help you be on your way to lose weight. There are actually websites which provide not only healthy fat free recipes, but also calorie counters for various activities you do the entire day.

Aside from this, you can also be acquianted with assessment tools which will give you an idea of where you stand in your plan of losing weight and what plan of attack would work best for you. Lifestyle checks and other quizzes may help you gain perspective on what you are doing and how you are faring. 

Another thing which online resources provide weight watchers is affiliation. Few people would build free clubs offline in losing weight. The privilege is usually granted only for those who are willing to spend much for a gym membership. Meanwhile, in some websites, you can actually find people to talk to with a similar goal of losing weight.

Forum discussions on weight loss are ever thriving since it is a universal concern especially among women. It is the perfect avenue for exchanging tips, encouraging each other and spurring on to take other similar goals for healthier living. Nothing is better than finding a group with which you can share all your common goals without any inhibitions. In a way, interacting through the Internet gives people protection and more avenue to express themselves truthfully with their weight management status.

If you do intend to go to the gym or enroll in some sort of exercise program, some resources can help jumpstart you. Bodybuilding articles about in the internet, as well as videos which will help show you the basics of bodybuilding, weight training and almost any form of exercise program. These weight loss free resources will provide you with the myriad of options you have in order to achieve your goal of losing weight aside from helping you objectively assess your goals and your situation.