Overweight? Are you jolly as well.

It is quite interesting that being a jolly person is often shown in the media as being overweight…  Well this is true in the UK.

 I guess that could come from the fact that the person with a few extra pounds is seen to be a little more carefree, enjoy life and enjoy their food.

But – most of the people I know that are overweight are anything but jolly – they are worried about the clothes they wear, concerned about what food they can eat (as they are perpetually on a dietand counting calories) and pretty repressed in other depatments as well.

Overweight does not equal jolly… In fact , from my observations the very opposite is true.

When Was Your “Arrrghhh I Am Too Fat Moment”?

For different people it is different things… for some people it is when they see themselves in a swimsuit at the beach, others it may be when they catch a peek of their behinds in the mirror… and others still it may be when they look over an unflattering photo of themselves. 

It may be that you felt your clothes feeling tighter than normal, or when someone asked you when the baby was due and you weren’t pregnant at the time (this has happened to a old friend of mine… and unfortunately is was me who asked the question after not seeing them for a few months)

Whatever the “spark” was to get you into action and want to have a healthier lifestyle was was one of the most important decisions you have ever made.

I suggest you keep the photo or memory close at hand – it can be great motivating force through the harder days when changing to a healthier lifestyle.  It can provide the push you need to move away from your old self that you no longer want to be, to the new healthier self you are going to be.

As the famous saying goes – Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer still – that old picture/ memory of yourself in the bad days may be seen as an enemy, and someone you never want to meet again, but it is has also been your motivating force to change – so keep it on hand until you are confident that you are in total control of your choices.

What Is You Relationship With Food?

Do you LOVE IT, is it something that is building your health and wellbeing, adding to your vitality, making your body stronger, allowing you to be fit and active? 

Is it a crutch you lean on when you are unhappy?  Is it your friend? – or just something that sustains you.

It is worth asking yourself if the thoughts and feelings you have about food are healthy ones, or are actually unhealthy and distructive.

A good way to do this is to list the words and feelings you associate with food, particularly your favourite foods.  This can be revealing and give you an insight into your emotional connection between you and your diet.

We worry and stress about all relationships that are important to us if there is an unresolved issue, and the relationship with our diet is no different. Think of the last time you fell out with a family member… the worry stays with you for a while and we re-live the argument again and again in our heads.

Thinking about food is not a problem, how you think about food can be.

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Why are there so many overweight people?

Look around – How is it that year on year million of dollars are spent by millions of people to lose weight, but we are getting fatter and fatter?

Two out of three Americans are overweight – can you believe that figure.  Well I know you can if you go down to the local mall and have a look around.

But with all the diet choices that are available why is this the case… Well the word diet sums it up really. 

The key to losing weight is not to “diet”, but to choose to live a healthy lifestyle.  That includes eating the right amount of the right stuff and getting the right amount of exercise regularly enough.

Simple changes to the way you think about the way you treat your body, by not eating junk, rushing meals or being inactive, can make a priofound difference to your self esteem.

 Once you start to REALLY CARE about the health of your body, you will change your habits.  Until that point you are always going to be playing the calorie counting game or following the next fad diet and eating only virgin brussel sprout stems…

 Get your head straight for a little while and take a good long hard look at yourself.

Sit down and ask yourself - Is being healthy, living longer, looking good and enjoying life to its fullest as you get older that important to me, or would I rather shorten my life, be a burden on others and probably die well before my time?

Change only happens when you stop doing what you have always done. 

Change only happens when what you want will give you greater pleasure, or reduce the pain of what you are doing now.

As Anthony Robbins says, you need to associate MASSIVE pain with your current state, and start to FEEL the pleasure of what you are moving towards – A fitter, healthier self. 

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Cannot lose weight – Then you may need a check-up from the neck-up

If you feel that you have tried every weight loss program under the sun, suffered every exercise regime known to man and beast and listened to every fitness guru spout there wares – and yet still cannot lose weight – then it might be time for a check-up from the neck-up.

To lose weight successfully takes time, perseverance and self esteem – these traits, above knowing the latest diet fad are the key traits.

I see so many people say they want to lose weight.  They talk about it every day.  Every opportunity they get they say how unhappy they are with their size, their hips, their gut, their butt… and yet the next time I see them they are still saying the same thing.

Do you use some of these excuses?

- I do not have time to eat healthily.
- Eating healthily is just too expensive.
- I have a slow metabolism.
- All my family are overweight so it is genetic.

The most important thing that you need to understand is that obsessing about weight loss is the most dangerous thing you can do.  It is just another kind of worry.

There is one simple change you need to make in your life to lose weight – And if you make this change you will be on the road to a slimmer, healthier you… and that change is to make the act of losing weight right at the top of your list of priorities.

You see – most people who want to lose weight talk about it a lot, but they still have not given it sufficient priority – It is simply not as important to them as the enjoyment they get from eating comfort food, or the feeling they get when they believe they have saved themselves some time by eating fast food.

The answer is to make the actions you take to lose weight MORE important and give you a greater feeling of pleasure than the action of doing things that make you lose weight.

Take time to congratulate yourself every time you take a small step in the right directions, and slap yourself hard every time you slip back.

Every time you reach for a piece of fruit as a snack instead of the pretzels, say to yourself how delicious it is, much you are enjoying it, and how much it is helping towards your goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

LOOK – Habits are built on repetition, and they are self reinforcing… the more you eat junk or overeat, the more you will do it in the future.  However, each time you resist the temptation of falling back to bad habits it fortifies you for the next time you get the urge to "slip".

So, tell yourself that you are not a quitter, make yourself a promise that tomorrow is a new day and it all starts from there and change your habits NOW.

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